Our Story


Assalam Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi,
Maria Bint was born in 2016 after I had spent years bespoke making my own garments which would allow me to feel like my best self. I felt so underwhelmed and disappointed with the garments available as a Muslim woman. There were styles available that were professional but not modest enough, or styles that were modest but did not look professional at all. 
I spent years studying fabrics and studying fit and cut. After spending so much time, trying the get the styles perfect, I would always receive compliments that my garments were professional, corporate and most importantly modest.
Then I made the decision help other Muslim women feel as confident as I do, as a working professional Muslim woman.
I truly believe when I woman looks her best she can then be her best, whether that be as a professional, student or even as a mother.
There is something magical about when a woman feels confident and comfortable in her style. She starts to excel and achieve her biggest dreams.