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What Does Your Workwear Say About you?

It can be hard to find the right work attire that shows your confident and successful and be modest at the same time. Some modest clothing can make you look clumsy and unqualified. We’ve worked hard to bring to you a classic cream abaya that speaks and creates the good impression that you want in the workplace. Driven, professional and capable.

This is the abaya you need for your next client meeting made bespoke to suit your body shape. It's my absolute favourite.

Classic Abaya.

Stunning stylish cut.

Simple Cut minimises excess fabric.

Thick Polyester Fabric to keep you warm.

Concealed zips on arms to make performing abolution easy.

Beautifully cut which minimises excess fabric.

100% quality polyester fabric which will last many seasons.

Opening Slit at the back to make walking easier.

Handmade in London

Outer: 100% Quality Wool fabric which will last many seasons.

Lining: 100% Viscose



Please note Abayas are BESPOKE & HANDMADE and can take up to two weeks to tailor.

UK: 3-4 Days Delivery

Europe: 3-5 Days Delivery

Rest of World: 5-8 Days Delivery

1. For Muslim Women by Muslim Women

We understand your needs and desires. We’ve created this line for ourselves and for all the other Muslim women, who find it difficult to find beautiful modest professional garments.

2. First of Its Kind

Maria Bint is the first brand to launch an entire line of professional modest wear. We are dedicated to making you feel confident and stylish in the workplace.

3. Service

We have a dedicated team, to make your purchase fast, seamless and easy. If you have an issue, contact us here now.

4. Easy Delivery & Returns

We Delivery to anywhere in the world and offer Free UK Returns.

5. Exquisite Style and Workmanship

We’ve taken the time, to work with experienced designers, patternmakers, and machinists, to ensure your garments are tailored to perfection.

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