Quote Of The Week | Do What Makes Your Soul Happy

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 Assalam Alaikum Sisters,

Our Quote of the Week, this week is "Do what makes your soul happy". I think this is such a beautiful quote because it's actually something so many of us find hard to do. 

Sometimes we have to let go of people or things that make our soul sad or add toxicity to our lives. Recently I had to let go of one of my really really good friends, she was very toxic but at the same time she was so fun, she was one of my closest friends and I was drawn to her company. But I did for myself, out of love, what I thought was best, and alhamdulilah, I'm feeling good for it.

What can you do for yourself today that would make you happy? Is there something or someone you could let go of? Tell me down below and I'll see you soon.

Lizzamah | Maria Bint

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