How To Really Reach Your Goal in This New Year 2018

Reaching your goals in the new year 2018


Assalam Alaikum lovelies, welcome to 2018, I don't know about you but for me, the turn of this year was so emotional. I was so grateful to Allah for actually allowing me to make it into this year because death is always so close and you really never know when your time is up so I was so grateful to be able to witness 2018.


But also 2017 was quite a dark year for me, I really battled with disappointment and tribulations that Allah wanted me to face, so I was really filled with hope and optimism, of what 2018 will be and what Allah has destined for me this year.


I have many goals this year and I’ve made detailed plans and so I thought I’d share with you how really really really reach your goals and perhaps even exceed them.


  1. Make a list of five goals.

How to reach goals in 2018

Just five. I think its really important to really focus on a few rather than so many because then you can really focus all your energy on these 4/5 goals. If you have a long list of 20 or so, then your energy gets divided, you can’t really focus on each goal and so the likelihood of you reaching those goals reduces.


Make a list of your top 5 goals, they should be a mix of personal, career and even religious goals.


2. Double Up

How to Reach your goals in 2018

Double your list, and what I mean by this is to multiply each of your goal by 2. If you have a goal for example to raise £1,000 for charity then multiply it by 2 and make your goal £2,000. I’m not joking. I’m not a believer in having moderate goals. I think moderate and realistic goals are for people who don’t want to face the reality of disappointing themselves because then that makes them aware that they really aren't who they should be, but that's for another day. Our Sunnah teaches us to always aim high because even if we don’t reach our goal, we should reach somewhere close.


So double up. You want to lose 10kg no make it 20kg, you want one promotion in the next year, no make it 2 promotions.


Let me know in the comments below how you have doubled your goals for this year.


3. Plan Hard.

how to reach goals in 2018 muslim woman hijabi

So you’ve doubled your goals, now make a plan to reach your new higher goal, And the whole point of this is, we’re bound to slip up during part of our journey, so even if you do slip up you might not reach your new increased goal, but you should at the very least reach your initial original goal.


4. Pray

how to reach goals in 2018 muslim store

And then Pray. Pray and Pray and Pray. All this will only be possible if Allah enables you to work hard and make it work for you, so pray and never feel like you're at a point where you no longer need Allah’s help.


So those are my tips for really making 2018 a different, mind-blowing extra-ordinary year.


Have a look at my other blog post and I really want to build a community of sisters who uplift one another and encourage each other to be the best versions of themselves. Join in the conversation by leaving a comment below. I would love to hear what other things you’d like to read about/discuss.


Assalam Alaikum

Your Sister, Lizzamah

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