How To Be Confident In The Workplace As A Muslim Woman

Today I’ll be sharing with you five tips to help you feel more confident at work as a Muslimah.

As Muslim women we face stresses in the workplace which other women may not face, we don't want to be perceived as suspicious or to reserved. We want our colleagues to know that we are open and can engage and provide value to the company as well or even better than our colleagues.

How To Be confident in the work place as a muslim woman hijab store

5 Steps to confidence in the Workplace

  1. My first tip is to smile. Smiling releases endorphins making you feel happier and more confident in the workplace. You don’t need to smile suggestively or provocatively, we’re not trying to find you a husband at work, but you can smile in a nice way which assures your colleagues that you’re a friendly face.
  2. My second tip is to keep learning, learning about your role, company and industry will automatically make you feel more confident because you’ll know things which your colleagues wouldn’t know. You’ll feel more able to complete your tasks to a really high standard and it will make you feel more settled in the workplace.
  3. Patting yourself on the back.Sometimes we can be our own worst critics. so much so that we tend to overlook our achievements and strengths. The next time you do something great, congratulate yourself out loud and reward yourself. The more you remind yourself of your strengths and successes the more confident you'll feel.
  4. Find great colleagues who can become great friends at work. If you’re just starting a new company, find 1 or 2 colleagues who can be your confidant and can help you discover your new surroundings. Or if you’ve been with the company for some time, find colleagues you can build long-lasting relationships with. You’ll be spending a lot of time at work to make it a place you’re happy to be.
  5. Have faith. My last tip is to have faith. Have faith in knowing that as long as you work your hardest and try your best, Allah will look after you in your workplace and guide you onto a fruitful path.


So I don't just want this to be me. Let us know if you too have any tips for gaining confidence in the workplace. I want this to be a community of supportive and uplifting sisters, I’m sure we can all learn from each other and every single tip will be helpful to at least one other person.

Your Sister, Lizzamah


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