Hijabs Style For Your Face Shape

Assalam alaikum lovelies,


How are you all today? I found this poster on Pinterest and I thought it would be so useful to share.


Now anyone can wear whatever hijab style they want to, but flattering hijab styles aim to create symmetry in the face and balance out all the features on the face.



Hijabs Style For Oval Faces

Their face is usually proportionate and width of their forehead is similar to the width of their jaw. The horizontal line is slightly shorter than the vertical line of the face. Oval faces can wear any hijab style they want.


Hijabs Style For Square Faces

Their face is of square proportional and some may consider this unflattering. The horizontal cross line is usually similar proportions to the vertical cross line. A flattering hijab style would be  to slim the face down by pulling the hijab inwards towards the nose


Hijabs Style For Round Faces

Their face is usually rounded both at the hairline and at the jawline. A flattering hijab style would be to elongate the face and create longer vertical line in the face.


Hijabs Style For Heart Shape Faces

Their face is very similar proportionally to the oval face except that they have a more v-shape and pointed chin line. A Flattering hijab style would be to create symmetry in the face by creating a point at the top of the head with the hijab which can mirror the point in the chin area. Scientifically beauty has been defined as complete symmetry in the face. We believe try beauty comes from confidence and an inspiring character.


Hijab Style For Long Faces

Their face is of rectangular proportions where the horizontal cross line is significantly shorter than the vertical cross line in the face. A flattering hijab style would be to shorten the vertical cross line of the face. Women who do not wear the hijab usually do this with fringes/bangs, you can do this by using an underscarf to cover the forehead or even using your hijab to cover the forehead area. This creates an illusion that the vertical cross line is only slightly longer than the horizontal cross line.


What face shape do you guys have and did the infographic help you to create a hijab style that more flattering to your face shape?


Also let's create a discussion in the comments section below, I really want this blog to be a place where us sisters can come together and inspire and uplift one another so let us know if you have any tips about creating flattering hijab styles.


Your sister, Lizzamah


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