Do you have high Aspirations

Assalam alaikum sisters, 

I wanted to discuss something today which I feel is, perhaps, not given enough importance within the Muslim community.

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It seems as a community we have low aspirations, especially us women. Allah and Islam has taught us to always strive for excellence in everything we do.

Excel As A Mother

As mothers we should strive for excellence, what does this mean? It means trying your best to make sure that your children are raised as well-rounded individuals. We need to consider their emotional needs, physical needs, spiritual needs amongst others.

Excel in Our Faith

For our faith, we need to push ourselves, not to do what the other person did, but to do more than you did yesterday. Don't just do what feels comfortable, but push yourself to do what you think you can not do.

Excel In Our Careers

Additionally, in our careers, we need to be the best, and this is an amazing da'wah opportunity. If the world saw us Muslim women as invaluable, excellent and priceless then perhaps the negative narrative of Islam and Muslim wouldn't be so pronounced. We need to show the world, that we do have something to offer, which other groups can not offer, only then will we be able to define our own narrative.

How Do We Plan To Excel?

Self-reflecting and having goals is one of the easiest ways to push yourself towards excellence. Sit down today and right for yourself, your children and your careers what you want to accomplish in the next 30 days. Then right how you will reach those goals. Stick to it. Check it daily and when you accomplish these goals, create more goals that are even more lofty and more aspirational.

I hope this has made you think about your own goals for yourself and your family. 

Please leave any comments you have down below and I will get back to you, In Sha Allah.

Lizzamah Akinlade | Maria Bint

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